Senin, 24 Juli 2017

Smile because you are beautifuL

Flipkart & Haul (My thoughts on Purplle)
I'm soo excited to do this post for you all, I'm dying here in pain because of my monthly problem and yet I'm blogging.  =D

I have been bragging about this haul for a very long time lol. It is worth the brag right?? just kidding!
Here is the full view of the items that I purchased from Flipkart & Purplle. Lets consider flipkart as F & Purplle as P.

Looks great isn't it??
Yes! I was saving my pocket money for a really long time and I never felt into temptation to buying anything.
And once and for all I spent it over these babies.
Its worth the save!

More Images below

Items from this image were purchased from
(From left to right)
-Dove Elixir
-Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack
-Vega foundation brush
-Audrey Bronzer brush

& items from this images were purchased from

(From top left)
-Fab India de-pigmentation cream & aloe vera Under eye gel(It was a scheme where you buy the de-pigmentation cream & get the under eye cream for free)
-Vega foundation Brush
-Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Face pack (in yogurt & oatmean something)
-Garnier BB Cream
-Neutrogena Ol-Free Moisture

As you can see I ordered the Vega foundation brush twice. I have a perfect excuse for that ;) no I mean seriously...
I placed an order first on Flipkart. Look at the image above which says item from flipkart. That time I place an order for all the cosmetics and at last I place an order for the foundation brush from the Vega's regular makeup brush range.

My Experience with
Experience no. 1
Then when I was on purplle I went into the makeup brush section. I saw that the Vega's professional foundation brush. From Rs 199 it was reduces to Rs 179(This is the price of the Vega's regular foundation brush. I original price of the vega's pro foundation brush is Rs 400 something). I got so excited! I immediately placed an order for that brush. But still I had a doubt that its not the professional brush its from the regular line of Vega's makeup brush. But still I bit my tongue and place the order. And guess what? I received the Vega's regular foundation brush from Purplle. My bad. =(
I'm not in the mood to call the costumer service and yell at them you'll know why after reading the experience 2.
Experience no. 2
Take a look at the purplle's item. This wasn't the original order that I had placed earlier. The first time that I placed an order on purplle was for 3-4 other face packs which unfortunately I don't remember. They all were out of stock at purplle. They asked me to choose something else then I selected the Maybelline baby lips combo. They has 3 combos where you buy 2 baby lips for Rs 280 something (can't recollect) instead of Rs 300. I selected the combo no 3, they were out of stock. Then I selected the combo no 1, they were out of stock as well. Then I selected the combo no 2, guess what that was out of stock as well. Okay fine the baby lips are in demand now I get it. Then I place and order for the Majestic Luxury London Botanical Aroma therapy mask. There were 3-4 types of it, I placed an order for one of those and SURPRISE!!!!! they all were out of stock as well. I mean can you believe it?
Then finally I place an order for the Himalay neem pack & Dove Elixir which I wanted for a really long time. Thank God they had those.
After typing this I'm out of breath now... hahaha kidding.

Final Verdict of
If you got time in the world then you can surely place an order on it. I had to lie to them in order to get my package faster. I told them that I'm leaving the country & I have to pack my stuff so please make it quick! hahaha.